Field Placement Agencies

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The USC School of Social Work works with selected agencies and organizations across the country that represent the complete range of social services. This provides MSW@USC students the opportunity to apply what they learn in class and a chance to work with real-life clients in the community.

Field placements are approved on the basis of the quality of their professional practice, commitment to social justice and addressing social work problems, interest in participating in professional education and the ability to make personnel and resources available.

Successful completion of the MSW@USC requires students to spend a significant amount of time (1,000 hours — 450 hours in their Foundation Year and 550 hours in their Concentration Year) in nearby social service agencies, government entities, schools, hospitals or businesses under the supervision of an experienced social worker. This presents them with hands-on opportunities to observe and participate in learning experiences relevant to their emerging skills.

Become a Field Placement Agency

Your agency has the opportunity to help shape the next generation of social work leaders by becoming a part of the MSW@USC national network of field placement agencies, facilitating social work education beyond the boundaries of Southern California. The benefits of participation include:

  • Partnering with a prestigious research university
  • Working with an accredited MSW program top-ranked by U.S. News & World Report
  • Gaining access to high-quality students to augment your services
  • Teaching talented social workers to work in your community
  • Hiring MSW graduates from a top-ranked school

With the national expansion of USC’s Master of Social Work program, we are seeking quality field placement sites in both urban and rural settings in locations across the country, especially places that can give students exposure to diverse populations that offer a range of experiences in a variety of practice areas.

The USC School of Social Work invites social service agencies, government entities, schools, hospitals and businesses to join our national field education network and help us educate future social work leaders in your local community.

Review the criteria for MSW@USC field education sites and request more information.

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