Field Education

Field education is the foundation of any social work degree program, offering students the chance to gain hands-on experience in a range of settings. MSW@USC students spend 1,000 hours completing field education — online and offline.

Virtual Field Practicum (VFP)

You will begin your field education with the VFP, an online experience that allows you to gain skills and confidence in a controlled, secure environment.

Experienced professor monitors sessions.

Small group sessions with classmates.

Live actor portrays a client in real-life clinical situations.

Online session in the virtual classroom.

Community-Based Field Placement

You will complete community-based placements that build your skills and prepare you for social work practice in a range of settings.

Supervised internships in your community.

Hands-on training with real clients.

Global network of placement sites.

Real-world experience in an agency setting.

“The MSW@USC is constantly looking for ways to enhance students’ experiences. The field placement team works extremely hard to place students in internships that will foster our growth.”

Destiny Robbins | MSW@USC Student