Tuition & Fees

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Calculating Your Costs

In order to determine your cost for the year, please reference the 2015-2016 unit charges and multiply the number of units you anticipate enrolling in by the per unit rate, unless you are enrolled in 15-18 units for which you are charged the flat rate. With this, you must add the applicable mandatory fees to your tuition cost to determine your actual fee bill for the year.

2015-2016 Unit Charges

$1,666 is the per unit rate for students enrolled in 1-14 units.
$24,732 is the flat rate for students enrolled in 15-18 units.

Note:  Mandatory fees are estimated at $225 for the 2015-2016 academic year. All units and fees are charged per semester.  Mandatory fees do not include books or housing.

2015-2016 Mandatory Fees
Social Work Lab $225 (one-time charge; first-year students)


2015-2016 (Annual Costs)
Program Foundation Year1 Concentration Year1 Estimated Total
(4 Semesters)
$48,056 $46,390 $94,446
(6 Semesters)
$51,646 $46,390 $98,036
(8 Semesters)
$56,644 $43,316 $99,960
Adv. Standing Full-Time
(3 Semesters)
n/a $56,386 $56,386
Adv. Standing Part-Time
(5 Semesters)
n/a $58,310 $58,310
1 Foundation and concentration year time-frame may vary due to program track selection.


Note: The totals above include tuition and mandatory fees.

  • Your cost of attendance will be determined by the USC Financial Aid Office and will reflect tuition, all mandatory fees and, in some cases, certain allowances for living expenses.
  • You must apply for federal loans and work study through the USC Financial Aid Office. You must apply for Virtual Academic Center scholarships through the USC School of Social Work. The School of Social Work scholarships indicated will be determined separately from the USC FAO and may not be included on your initial financial aid award letter from the USC FAO.
  • Tuition and fees are charged per semester; all aid is disbursed in halves per semester.
  • Non-refundable $280 commitment fee is due upon enrollment and $200 is applied to your first semester’s tuition charges.
  • All financial aid amounts are subject to change.

Student Health Insurance

The university requires that all students have supplemental health insurance to help cover the cost of health care that cannot be obtained at the health center, especially in emergency situations where hospitalization may be required.Enrollment in the USC student health plan will only be waived and the premium charge removed from the fee bill if documented proof of health coverage from another plan is presented using the online waiver application​. For more information visit the 2015-2016 Catalogue.

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