Drawing Down Troops from Iraq [INFOGRAPHIC]

Earlier this fall, President Barack Obama declared that our service members stationed in Iraq have been ordered to come home by year’s end.  After nine years, the United States military will leave Iraq, and our troops will be back on American soil by January 1, 2012.  In support of those who have served our country, we’ve created this infographic with information about their time spent overseas and the challenges they face transitioning back to civilian life.

We encourage you to share this on your website and/or social networks in recognition of our troops and their journey home.

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Drawing Down Troops from Iraq Infographic - MSW@USC

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  • Joe

    Very well done, but I think the very last pie chart is wrong- the second one under ‘unemployment’

  • Ksmtmfh

    Greetings.  The war in Iraq has been borne by a numerically superior number of Army personnel (Soldiers, capitalized), but shared with the Navy (Sailors), Air Force (Airmen) and Marines.  Advocating for the military requires accurately depicting those who served.

    • AF

      As an active duty Airman that served in Iraq, I take great offense in not recognizing that I am an Airman, NOT a soldier. There are distinct differences in our mission, goal and how we train.   I am proud of my heritage and the fact that I was called to serve in a Joint Expeditionary Tasking (formerly referred to as In-Lieu-of) as the Army did not have “Soldier” manpower to fill the needs.  I applaud your efforts, but your credibility among those that serve will be earned by giving us Airmen, Sailors and Marines credit.

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