Self Care in the New Year: Keeping Our Resolutions [INFOGRAPHIC]

Every year millions of people make New Year’s resolutions in hopes of improving their lives. They want to do a variety of things, such as quit smoking, lose weight or get a better job, to strive to be in a happier place with themselves than when they started the year. These resolutions are reflective of the self-care philosophy that social workers try to instill daily to prevent burn-out and the type of goals that are beneficial for remaining healthy and productive. However, only 50% of people keep their resolutions after 3 months, and the success rate doesn’t improve as time goes on. What can you do to keep your resolutions throughout the whole year? We hope this infographic helps you achieve your personal goals in 2012.

Self Care Infographic via MSW@USC

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  • Becca

    I like the last explanation the Better way to keep resolution, it gives a clear overview to keep our resolution and make it happen until the next year.

  • Phoenix Sheds

    19% after 2 years is much higher than I ever thought it would be! Kudos to you, if you are in that category!

  • Virtual

    People take resolutions more often during the new year period .Some might be able to keep their resolutions intact but most of the time the resolutions go way ward and it takes another deviation .First there should be a will to follow your resolution and after it should be followed on a daily basis.

    Virtual Personal assistant

  • John

    Resolutions often happen during the new year eves .Its hard to keep these resolutions for a long run.

    Virtual assistant