What Inspired MSW@USC Students to Become Social Workers?

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At the start of National Social Work Month, we asked our Facebook fans what inspired them to become social workers. The comments they left on our Facebook wall mentioned a variety of motivations, such as family, community and empowerment, but the common thread was that MSW@USC students want to help people in need by being the best advocates they can be.

Here are a few quotes from our MSW@USC students about what inspires them:

In return, our MSW@USC students inspire us as they give us hope for a better, more equitable future. Share your own motivation to become a social worker in the comments below!

  • Ross H. Weaver

    After earning my undergraduate degree in religion, I felt a need to serve others, mainly my fellow veterans. Social work offers the chance to serve others in so many unique ways. The instructors at USC have further inspired me.

  • rohsik

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