Why Mental Health Awareness Could Save Lives

In our Fact of The Week series we will share statistics and facts that raise awareness and spread knowledge. Every week we will post a new fact on the MSW@USC blog and we hope you will share them with your friends, family and colleagues by posting on Facebook, Twitter or pinning the image on Pinterest.

Mental Illness Saves Lives

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Treatment can make all the difference for someone diagnosed with a mental illness. Not only does treatment ensure that those living with mental health issues are cared for by a professional, it increases their chance of being diagnosed and seeking care if another medical issue arises.

  • Thomas

    25 years is a sad and scary fact. Here is a Mental Health Awareness Tshirt Design Contest if anyone wants to further the cause and try to lower that number by being an advocate or spread the message. Everyone is welcome to participate. Ends Nov. 16th 2013 It might not bea solution but it is a step in the right direction.

  • Frank Freudenhof

    RE: The statistic is 25 years or more premature death and it comes from the drugs, lack of fresh air and physical activity (sports, walking, swimming, etc.), electroshock (which slowly causes you to lose your memory making you like a child), and in genral being constantly put down by being labeled. People calling other people mentally ill are often engaged in continuing events leading up to the Holocaust including eugenics.