#YouMatter: It’s Always A Good Time to Show You Care

Research published by the National Institutes of Health shows that the emotional support provided by social ties enhances physiological well-being. In fact, maintaining healthy social connections can reduce the risk of unhealthy behaviors and improve overall mental health.

The University of Southern California School of Social Work invites you to participate in You Matter, a grassroots campaign designed to foster well-being and bring back some much-needed human connection. Join us, and help our movement grow!

Download Care Card


How Do Care Cards Work?

The mission of the You Matter campaign is to facilitate human connections to promote positive mental health. Use our You Matter Care Cards as expressions of appreciation or simply to tell someone you care. We challenge you to take this opportunity to say the thing you always think but never say — keep it simple or go deep; it’s up to you!

Steps To Participate Number 1

Download and print your Care Card at

How to Participate You matter Number 2

Write a message to tell someone why they matter.

How to Participate You matter Number 3

Take a photo of the Care Card and share it on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with hashtag #youmatter.

How to Participate You matter Number 4

Share the card.

How to Participate You matter Number 2

Tell the recipient to pass it on!

It’s always a great time to spend a few moments reminding someone that they truly matter.

Become a You Matter Ambassador. Copy the below text into your blog post or embed our badge!:

I’m joining the You Matter movement! I pledge to use Care Cards to tell three people why they matter to me. Join the USC’s masters of social work program for a grassroots campaign that inspires human connection. Positive Mental Health, Pass it on!

You Matter Campaign-Logo

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Remember, #youmatter.

Need Inspiration? Visit our post on 60 Ways to Show Someone You Care:

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  • Jarod

    I like the idea of having downloadable care cards with a personal message. Its about time we start using social media to build people up rather than tearing them down. Remember to put in the hashtag if you’re going to post it on social media. My friend first heard about this from a program that really supports these cards at ACLS online which is another organization that does a lot of charitable work. I like to see that different charitable organizations are working together.

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