Cross-University Courses

As an MSW@USC student, you have the opportunity to enroll in online graduate-level courses from schools affiliated with our technology partner, 2U, Inc. Click on a program below to see available courses1.

With cross-university courses, you can choose from more than 50 courses that go beyond the MSW@USC curriculum, which means you can broaden your portfolio to include elective classes in an area of study that meets your personal and professional interests. For example, you may consider MPA@UNC courses like Navigating Nonprofit-Local Government Relationships in Organizations or Technology and Community Engagement if you are working toward a leadership position at a nonprofit agency.

As with the MSW@USC, these programs feature live, online classes taught by university faculty and a low student-to-professor ratio. They also offer high-quality, immersive coursework that you complete on your own time.

Courses completed outside of the MSW@USC curriculum will not be accepted for credit toward your degree. If you wish to explore cross-university course offerings, contact your student support advisor once you enroll in the MSW@USC program.

1 Please note that each university participating in this initiative has its own rules and restrictions regarding the enrollment of MSW@USC students in its courses. For more details, please speak to an admissions counselor or visit our FAQ.