Diane Iglesias, JD, MSW

Capstone Faculty Advisor

Diane Iglesias, for the last 31 years as both a social worker and a child abuse lawyer, has served an essential role in the field of child abuse and neglect in Los Angeles, County. As the current Senior Deputy Director at the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). Having earned a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Michigan, after attending USC her first year, Diane began her career as a clinical social worker and therapist at a residential facility for abused children. After several years, she was inspired to attend law school to become an advocate for children and families involved in Dependency proceedings.

A certified Child Welfare Law Specialist with 22 years of legal experience, Diane became seasoned manager with expertise in the areas of child welfare law and child development. In 1992, she began her legal career at the Children’s Law Center of Los Angeles (CLC), where she served initially as a staff attorney handling complex and high-profile cases. Later, as a supervising attorney, she provided oversight, extensive training and performance management to staff attorneys. As a Certified National Institute of Trial Attorneys (NITA) Trainer, she travelled throughout the United States training trial skills, critical thinking and best practices to Judges, attorneys, social workers, caregivers and law students.

At both CLC and at DCFS Diane has worked closely with elected officials on the local, state, and federal levels to accomplish important legislative reforms which continue to support widespread outcome improvements for abused and neglected children statewide.

Following her career as a trial attorney, Diane worked as Special Counsel to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors at the Children’s Special Investigation Unit. She applied her in-depth knowledge and experience to identify potential improvements to the internal practices, policies and procedures; to break down technological barriers; and to analyze the effect of state regulations and federal laws as they pertain to County departments involved in child fatality and critical incident cases. She facilitated communication, coordination and integration between County Departments, community partners and other stakeholders in order to identify systemic barriers and to issue recommendations to the Board for departmental reforms.

In 2014 Diane joined DCFS as the Senior Deputy Director where she is responsible for program design and implementation, oversight of the day to day operations, as well as supervision of the legal divisions of the Department.


JD, Loyola Law School, 1992
MSW, University of Michigan, 1987