Field Support

You will spend 50 percent of your graduate program completing your fieldwork requirement, making it an integral component of your social work education and training. Throughout the program, you will work with members of our field placement team. This team is dedicated to locating a community-based placement that will help you develop your professional skills and knowledge.

The program option you choose dictates when your community-based field placement will begin:

ProgramPlacement Begins
Full Time (4 semesters)
Second Semester
Part Time (6 semesters)
Fourth Semester

Know the Field Placement Process

The process starts when you meet with a field placement specialist to identify field sites in or near your community. Your field advisor will act as your point-of-contact throughout the program, ensuring your placement is successful and that you are supported. Here’s what to expect:

  • A placement specialist will contact you before classes begin to discuss your field experience.
  • Read your field manual and concentration selection packet before filling out your field form, which you can access on the Forms and Resources page. We recommend that you read these materials and complete the field form as soon as possible to familiarize yourself with MSW@USC placements.
  • Once USC receives your form, your placement specialist will begin looking for an appropriate internship in your community.
  • When your site is approved by the school, you will interview with the agency to ensure that your academic needs will be met at your placement.
  • You will receive notice of your field placement site and start date.

Note: The search for your placement site cannot begin until all of your mandatory forms are completed. The search for your placement site will be delayed if you do not complete these mandatory forms on time.