The Long Road Ahead: The Impact of Eating Disorder Recovery on the Family

Eating disorders are not only the deadliest mental health problems, but also the least understood. To those who don’t understand anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders, the symptoms are perplexing. Unfortunately, the misconceptions and stigma attached to eating disorders causes many sufferers to go undiagnosed and untreated.

#Knowb4Stage4: Getting Help For Mental Illness Is Not Something To Be Ashamed Of

Abbe Studer shares her story of losing her husband to depression and suicide and reminds us that getting help for mental illness is not something to be ashamed of.

[My husband] felt that he should have been able to pull himself out of it. That he should have been able to rebound on his own, and that therapy and medicine were for the weak. I stood beside him until the end. As his illnesses grew, my depression grew. I did not realize that I was suffering from anxiety. I was too busy taking care of him to take care of myself.

MSW@USC Professors Put a Spotlight on Social Entrepreneurship

While most professors opt for a traditional, deliverable final exam, two University of Southern California Master of Social Work professors decided to take a different approach.


Student Spotlight: Elizabeth Eowyn Steffel

Today we feature our student Elizabeth Steffel, a foster youth advocate who was inspired to help others based on her own experience in and out of the system.

Naledge Pushes the Limit

Jabari Evans, MSW ’14, also known by his hip-hop name, Naledge, has released his new song and music video, “Push the Limit,” in support of education and his alma mater, the USC School of Social Work, and its online master’s degree program...

MSW Student Story: Where Are They Now?

Last May, we featured Jabari Evans, a 2014 MSW@USC graduate who had big plans for his hometown of Chicago. We are always proud of the work our alumni do with their online master’s degree in social work, and we followed up with Jabari to see what he’s been up to since graduation...