10 Skills Every Social Worker Needs

What are the key characteristics of a social worker? MSW@USC highlights 10 social work skills that are necessary to succeed in the profession.

Diversity Toolkit: A Guide to Discussing Identity, Power and Privilege

This toolkit is meant for anyone who feels there is a lack of productive discourse around issues of diversity and the role of identity in social relationships, both on a micro (individual) and macro (communal) level.

How to Be Anti-Racist: A Social Worker’s Perspective

People who are new to anti-racism can draw upon the social justice frameworks that social workers use to question and solve problems at every level of society.

How COVID-19 is Affecting Domestic Violence

Lecturer CarolAnn Peterson discusses the effects of the pandemic on domestic violence.

Crisis Care for Adults With Cognitive Impairment

Person-centered care increases quality of life for people with cognitive impairment and leads to a future where it’s the norm for everyone.

Learning How to Make Progress Toward Goals When It Feels Like Life Is Holding You Back

Life changing events like a pandemic can impede clients’ progress. Learn how the MSW@USC is adapting coursework to prepare students for these situations.