How COVID-19 is Affecting Domestic Violence

Lecturer CarolAnn Peterson discusses the effects of the pandemic on domestic violence.

Crisis Care for Adults With Cognitive Impairment

Person-centered care increases quality of life for people with cognitive impairment and leads to a future where it’s the norm for everyone.

Learning How to Make Progress Toward Goals When It Feels Like Life Is Holding You Back

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Summer Camp for Kids in Foster Care: A Place for Building Meaningful Connection

Summer camps for kids in foster care can offer the chance to bond with others in similar situations and spend time with biological siblings.

From Barbers to Bankers: How to Find Mental Health Advocates in Your Community

Becoming a mental health advocate doesn’t have to be limited to health practitioners. Learn how to involve the whole community.

Aging With Economic Insecurity: Resources for Older Americans

While living in poverty is a challenge no matter your age, older adults struggle with an array of issues unique to their phase of life.