Angela Patton: A Father-Daughter Dance … in Prison

Angela Patton created Camp Diva to support girls from ages 11 to 17 as they prepare to become women. After years of working with these girls, Patton has learned they often know exactly what they need in their lives; she simply helps them make it happen.

An open discussion among some of the girls one day led to an idea to help daughters better connect with their fathers: a father-daughter dance. The girls did most of the planning, and it was such a success, they decided to make it an annual event. But not all of the girls at Camp Diva were happy with this idea — many had fathers who could not attend because they were serving time. Patton says, “Because a father is locked in does not mean he should be locked out of his daughter’s life.”

In her 2012 TED Talk, Patton talks about the value and importance of father-daughter interaction and how she was able to work with a local sheriff to make these girls’ dream of a father-daughter dance a reality.

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