Elyn Saks: A Tale of Mental Illness — From the Inside

Elyn Saks is a law scholar at USC and author who fights for the rights of people with mental illness. Too often, Saks believes, decisions are made for these individuals without taking their desires into account. It was after Saks made a name for herself as an advocate that she wrote her memoir, The Center Cannot Hold. In it, she details her own struggle with schizophrenia, which is now controlled with the help of medication and therapy.

If the book and her career were not enough to prove that people with mental illness can live successful and productive lives, perhaps the clarity and humor she uses to present her care in this 2012 TED Talk will. In her discussion, Saks talks about the need to treat people with mental illness with compassion, honesty and understanding. View Elyn Saks' TED Talk: A Tale of Mental Illness - From the Inside.

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