Majora Carter: Greening the Ghetto

Majora Carter is a skilled environmental, economic planner and community organizer. Her help was integral in establishing Hunts Point Riverside Park and the South Bronx Greenway. Her planning firm, the Majora Carter Group, currently helps to establish sustainable programs in poverty-level areas across the nation.

Sustainable development is especially important to Carter, a lifelong resident of the South Bronx. As a black woman, she was alarmed by the way poverty and race had factored into city planning. The South Bronx, sporting an overwhelmingly black population, is home to four electric power plants, two sewage treatment centers, and a dump handling all of the borough’s waste and 40 percent of the commercial waste for New York City.

Public gardens and parks can make all the difference in cities, including decreasing health issues and social upheaval. In her TED Talk, Carter addresses how creating green spaces in urban settings can change an entire community’s perspective and improve its standard of living.

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