Six Reasons To Become a Substance Abuse Social Worker

Helping people put their lives back together is one of the most rewarding parts of the job for a substance abuse social worker. Learn more reasons why this specialty area of social work can offer a fulfilling professional path.

Five Popular Social Work Careers

Social work is one of those careers in which you can truly make a difference in people’s lives. A Master of Social Work degree can open many doors and show others you have not only the knowledge and the skills, but also the compassion and dedication necessary to work in such an important field.

Facing the Fear of Deportation

Regardless of their documentation status, children with undocumented family members are not shielded from living under the constant fear that their loved ones may be taken from them without warning. To better address the needs of families facing mental health challenges, USC partnered with the Mexican Consulate of Los Angeles to create a first-of-its-kind mental health counseling program which offers free services on site for clients regardless of immigration status.

4 Reasons to Become a Psychiatric Social Worker

Individuals considering this field of work should pursue a Master’s in Social Work from a CSWE-accredited institution such as the online MSW program from USC. Want to know more? Learn how to become a LCSW.

What Is Medical Social Work?

Navigating the medical system can be complicated for patients and their families. But medical social workers can help. Their job focuses on providing people with chronic and acute illnesses with everything from mental health and financial support to rehabilitation and palliative care services.