Beverly Younger on Social Workers In the Business World

The roles social workers fulfill are always changing, and a great example of this is their greater presence in the world of business. There is more crossover than ever before, and the MSW@USC prepares students to take on these new challenges through its Social Work and Business in a Global Society concentration...

Three Ways to Celebrate Social Work Month

Spread the word! March is National Social Work Month. Sponsored by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), this annual celebration recognizes the contributions of the nation’s more than 600,000 social workers...

The MSW Pivots to the Business World

Christine Bader, author of The Evolution of a Corporate Idealist: When Girl Meets Oil, poses this question in her recent post for Fast Company magazine External link . In it, Bader makes a case for the master’s in social work degree by outlining the value it can bring in business settings, as well as the rising demand for more corporate social work...

#YouMatter: It’s Always A Good Time to Show You Care

The mission of the You Matter campaign is to facilitate human connections to promote positive mental health. Use our You Matter Care Cards as expressions of appreciation or simply to tell someone you care. We challenge you to take this opportunity to say the thing you always think but never say — keep it simple or go deep; it’s up to you!

Your Daily Reminder: 30 Quotes That Promote Self-Care

Last month we shared “31 Inspirational Quotes For When The Going Gets Tough,” and the response from all of you on Facebook External link , Twitter External link  and Pinterest External link  could not have been more positive. Many of you asked for more quotes, so here they are!

9 Most Influential Women in the History of Social Work

Social work is a profession that has seen many female pioneers make lasting changes over the years. In honor of those women and Women’s History Month, we’d like to recognize nine of the most influential female social workers in history...

10 Books Every Social Worker Should Read

Social workers are faced with helping clients and patients work through various issues — from substance abuse and depression to a lengthy adoption process and eating disorders. With so many resources online, it can be tough to find the best ones. Well, we’ve done the work for you — here are 10 books every social worker should read and why.