Scilla Elworthy: Fighting with Non-Violence

Since the age of 13, Scilla Elworthy has tried to be an agent of peace. Since that time, she has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times and won the Niwano Peace Prize. Her peace-activist efforts led her to establish the Oxford Research Group in 1982 to promote effective dialogue between opposing forces possessing nuclear weapons and to later establish Peace Direct for the purpose of promoting peaceful action on more local fronts.

In this 2012 TED Talk, Elworthy addresses the question, “How do I deal with a bully without becoming a thug in return?” Referencing numerous historical examples of effective non-violent reactions, she introduces listeners to methods of counteracting violent actions, citing that “violence is not only less humane, but less effective.” Elworthy challenges people to address bullying by finding an inner power, dealing with fear and channeling anger for the sake of peace.

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