The Gratitude Campaign: What Are You Thankful For in 2013? [Call For Submissions]

Gratitude Campaign 2013 #My3Thanks

November is known for Thanksgiving, but how many people actively express gratitude? Studies have shown that expressing gratitude can have many healthy benefits, both emotional and physical. Keeping track of what we are grateful for can help us feel more relaxed, optimistic and less self-centered, allowing us to have deeper, healthier relationships. When we are focused on the positive aspects of our lives, we maintain a brighter, more optimistic outlook, helping us cope with daily stressors and experience a greater sense of happiness.

In addition to the emotional benefits, focusing on our gratitude can help us avoid stress and anxiety, leading to stronger immune systems and a reduction of hypertension that can be beneficial to heart health. Studies have also shown that being mindful of your gratitude just before bed can help with better sleep quality, reducing the time it takes to fall asleep and increasing the length of time spent sleeping. Going out into the world with more sleep and less stress, more optimism and less envy, gives us a cleaner slate and a happier attitude to confront life’s trials. When we express gratitude to others, we feel more connected and perform better at school, at work and in our interpersonal relationships. Gratitude may be the key to a happier, healthier lifestyle, which is why the USC School of Social Work would like to invite the blogger community to reflect on the top three things you are thankful for in 2013.

Participation is easy and open to everyone! Here are 5 easy steps for joining the Gratitude Blog Carnival:

Step 1: What are the top three things you are thankful for in 2013? We encourage all participants to connect one of their top three to an issue impacting others today.

Step 2: Snap a picture of something that represents each of the things you are grateful for.

Step 3: Post your appreciation on your blog starting the week before Thanksgiving — any time between November 21–December 3.

Step 4: Share what you are grateful for with us and with your community. Use hashtag #my3thanks on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

Step 5: Comment below with your blog post to have your post added to our Gratitude Roundup on December 3 (Giving Tuesday). Your show of appreciation could be featured at the end of November!


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