Getting to Know Your Student Org Reps: Allie Boston

The USC School of Social Work’s Student Organization board is an elected group of students responsible for promoting communication between students, faculty and the administration. These Student Org leaders are the face of the student body when it comes to discussing academic, professional and social concerns.

This post is the last in a series to introduce the three new members elected to represent the Virtual Academic Center (VAC) and to help you get to know your new student leaders.

Allie Boston, a new representative, is an MSW@USC student from rural South Georgia by way of Beverly Hills. A part of the September 2012 cohort studying Community Organization, Planning and Administration, Allie is a former jet pilot and the proud mother of a New York City musician. She is interested in macro-level social work, particularly gender-based health differences, and hopes to go on to a doctoral program at USC after earning her master’s degree. She views social work “as a tool for social justice” and leans toward activism and lobbying.


MSW@USC: Why did you want to be a Student Org representative?

Allie: This grad school education means a lot to me, and I would like to do my part in making the Virtual Academic Center a great experience for my cohort and those to follow. I expect that it will be exciting to be part of the program’s continuing improvement. I also want to get to know more of my classmates, and Student Org is a great way to do that. I really enjoyed meeting people in the first half of my MSW program. Student Org will allow me to continue to get to know others outside of COPA, and in the years ahead, it will be very helpful to know people from various disciplines and areas of expertise.

MSW@USC: Anything else you would like to add?

Allie: I encourage my classmates to reach out with their ideas and concerns. I really mean that. I’d like to know what people enjoy and dislike about the Virtual Academic Center and why. I’d like to know what students would like to see added and changed.