Video: DSW@USC Faculty Panel

The University of Southern California Doctor of Social Work (DSW) program, the DSW@USC, is designed to prepare scholar-practitioners to harness innovative solutions to solve real-world problems. Our goal is to bring social workers into the greater public discourse as they explore ways to create a stronger, fairer society and ensure basic human rights for people everywhere.

If you are interested in learning more about the online DSW program from USC, we encourage you to start by learning more about the curriculum and program leadership. It also helps to hear from professionals about their experiences after earning a DSW. Knowing the impact on your career that earning a DSW degree may have will help you make a decision about whether the degree is right for you.

To help inform prospective students, the DSW@USC called on Drs. Marvin Southard, Herbert Hatanaka and Jacquelyn McCroskey to talk about the impact that earning their DSW has had on their careers. Not only do they each hold a DSW degree, but they are also USC professors who understand what sets the DSW@USC apart from other Doctor of Social Work programs.

During the panel discussion, the faculty members will:

  • Discuss why they chose to earn their DSW and the factors that went into their decision-making process.
  • Explain how their careers have changed as a result of earning their DSW.
  • Provide examples of opportunities in which they felt more prepared to lead problem-solving initiatives in the field because of their DSW education.
  • Share their expectations for DSW@USC students.
  • Describe the roles and settings graduates might expect to work in after earning their DSW from USC.
  • Provide advice for social work professionals considering the DSW@USC for their graduate education. 

Watch the panel discussion below to learn more about the program and the impact earning a DSW could have on your career.

As you may now know, the DSW@USC is a program designed for working professionals who are interested in making a greater impact in their practice. By focusing the program’s curriculum on the Grand Challenges for Social Work, graduates will be prepared to make widespread change in the areas that need it most.

If you are interested in learning more about the DSW@USC, please visit the Doctor of Social Work page or contact an admissions counselor at