Why Become a Social Worker?

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Greetings to all MSW students, prospective students and USC alumni! Some of us are currently in the middle of our foundation year while others are just beginning the program. The journey of becoming a social worker has many ups and downs but is also jam-packed with priceless moments that make us proud we have embarked on this worthwhile career in social work. I believe we are going to graduate from this program with the ability to really change others’ lives.

In honor of National Social Work Month and this year’s theme, “Social Workers Change Futures,” I gathered some comments from fellow MSW@USC students who expressed why they decided to become a social worker.

“I felt passionately about the values clearly articulated by the National Association of Social Workers’ Code of Ethics: service, social injustice, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, integrity, and competence. I was surprised that I could find something that was so in line with who I had been striving to be my entire life.” – Jasmine P.

“I found that I was way more interested in these kids’ (at Head Start) lives then I was in learning about how to run a classroom and develop curriculum.” – Andrea S.

“It was the feeling I got from helping a woman suffering from post-partum psychosis. It turned out that I was the only one to notice her suffering, the only one to advocate for her to get treatment, and most shockingly, the only one whom she actually admitted her condition to. After she regained some of her mental health, I had a new perspective on this power to help others. I realized that I had the ability to do it and, actually, a natural knack for it.” – Lia J.

My question to you is when and where are the NASW events in your community this month? How are you changing the future?

As MSW@USC students, we are already creating change. We are beginning to cultivate our advocacy and clinical skills in just the few months we have been in field placement. I look forward to the coming months that will go by so rapidly in my studies at USC. I’m loving every minute of this process of becoming a social worker.

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