Why Military Social Work?

Army Military Social Work

“War is Hell” is a common phrase, tracing at least as far back as William Tecumseh Sherman, a Union Army General during the American Civil War. Although General Sherman was likely referring to the carnage he witnessed on the battlefield, the agony of war is something active servicemen and veterans don’t leave on the front line but torturously carry with them even after returning home.

The weight of their experiences in the field may cause soldiers to suffer from a host of mental health issues, many of which have dire consequences if left untreated.

With their knowledge of the general conventions of mental health service and of the specific challenges faced by military personnel, military social workers are in a unique position to help distressed U.S. soldiers and their families. Through counseling, organization and research, military social workers can ensure that American soldiers who fight for their country overseas don’t have to fight their demons alone at home.

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