DSW Faculty

To become a social innovator, you need to learn from professors who have dedicated their careers to tackling large-scale issues. Faculty in our online Doctor of Social Work program have decades of collective experience researching and developing innovative solutions to reduce violence, poverty, inequality, and other pervasive problems. Meet the professors who will help you develop the knowledge and skills to shape national discourse and make a lasting social impact.

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Jane Allgood

Juan Carlos Araque

Devon Brooks

John Clapp

Annalisa Enrile

Cassandra Fatouros (Loch)

Harry Hunter Jr.

Nadia Islam

Jane James

Stacy Kratz

Jennifer Lewis

Paul Maiden

Michalle Mor Barak

Monica Perez Jolles

Michael Rank

Eric Rice

Melissa Singh

Renee Smith-Maddox

June Wiley

Shinyi Wu