Tuition and Financial Aid


If you begin your studies in the 2021-2022 academic year, your tuition for the DSW@USC program will be approximately $83,790, not including fees.

Plan of StudyProgram TypeSemestersTotal UnitsEstimated Tuition
DSW – Standard TrackFull Time942$83,790
DSW – Accelerated TrackFull Time742$83,790

View the complete tuition breakdown below of your DSW tuition and fees.

Financial Aid

DSW@USC students are eligible to apply for certain types of funding. USC Financial Aid Office will provide you with the details of applying for financial aid, understanding your financial aid award and properly securing all of your loans. Please visit the USC Financial Aid website for detailed information regarding important dates and deadlines as well as downloadable forms to complete your financial aid application. Please note that FAFSA deadlines for students in the on campus program are not applicable to online students.

Federal student aid is available to U.S. citizens and permanent residents. International candidates should explore funding options in their home countries. Many employers offer tuition benefits, including tuition reimbursement and low-cost loans. Based on each candidate’s country of residence, they may also have access to education loans through private lenders. To discuss your funding options, contact an admissions counselor at 877-700-4679. For more information about federal financial aid, visit the USC Financial Aid website.


The Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work does not currently offer scholarships specific to DSW@USC students. However, DSW@USC students may apply for any USC scholarships. Visit the scholarships page to see what’s available.

Contact an Admissions Counselor today with any questions at 877-700-4679,
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Calculating Your Costs

In order to determine your cost for the year, please reference the 2021-2022 unit charges and multiply the number of units you anticipate enrolling in by the per unit rate, unless you are enrolled in 15-18 units for which you are charged the flat rate. With this, you must add the applicable mandatory fees to your tuition cost to determine your actual fee bill for the year.

2021-2022 Unit Charges

$1,995 per unit rate for students enrolled in 1-14 units.

$29,630 is the flat rate for students enrolled in 15-18 units.

Note: Mandatory fees are estimated at $225 for the 2021-2022 academic year. All units and fees are charged per semester. Mandatory fees do not include books or housing.

2021-2022 Student Health Insurance:

Fall 2021: $1,383
Spring/Summer 2022: $2,622

Visit the USC Student Health Website for updates on the latest insurance rates.

Students enrolled in six units or more will be automatically charged for health insurance. Health care fees are charged twice a year. Students may submit a request to waive the health care charges if they do not wish to participate. More information regarding the waiver criteria can be found here.

  • Your cost of attendance will be determined by USC’s Financial Aid Office (FAO) and will reflect tuition, unit rate or flat rate, and all mandatory fees.
  • Information on applying for federal student aid programs, including student loans and work study, can be found by visiting the USC Financial Aid website.
  • You must apply for Virtual Academic Center scholarships through the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work. The school scholarships indicated will be determined separately from the USC FAO and may not be included on your initial financial aid award letter from the FAO.
  • Tuition and fees are charged per semester; all aid is disbursed in halves per semester.
  • A nonrefundable $200 commitment fee is due upon enrollment, which is applied toward your first semester’s tuition charges.
  • All financial aid amounts are subject to change.

DSW Tuition Chart – Standard Track (9 semesters)

SemesterUnitsEstimated TuitionCalculation
16$11,9706 units x $1,995 unit rate
26$11,9706 units x $1,995 unit rate
36$11,9706 units x $1,995 unit rate
46$11,9706 units x $1,995 unit rate
56$11,9706 units x $1,995 unit rate
66$11,9706 units x $1,995 unit rate
72$3,9902 units x $1,995 unit rate
82$3,9902 units x $1,995 unit rate
92$3,9902 units x $1,995 unit rate
Total Units: 42$83,79042 units x $1,995 unit rate

DSW Tuition Chart – Accelerated Track (7 semesters)

SemesterUnitsEstimated TuitionCalculation
19$17,9959 units x $1,995 unit rate
29$17,9959 units x $1,995 unit rate
39$17,9959 units x $1,995 unit rate
49$17,9959 units x $1,995 unit rate
52$3,9902 units x $1,995 unit rate
62$3,9902 units x $1,995 unit rate
72$3,9902 units x $1,995 unit rate
Total Units: 42$83,79042 units x $1,995 unit rate