MSW Faculty

When it comes to earning your master’s degree, what you learn can be just as important as whom you learn it from. All of our courses are taught by distinguished USC faculty whose research and teaching have made them leaders in their respective fields. Here are a few of the professors in the Virtual Academic Center you’ll meet, who design the courses, teach the lectures and provide guidance on helping you reach your academic and professional goals.

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Maria Aranda

Karra Bikson

Devon Brooks

Julie Cederbaum

Ruth Cislowski

Kerry Doyle

Annalise Enrile

Marco Formigoni

Dawn Joosten-Hagye

Helen Land

Terri Lee

Samuel Mistrano

Michalle Mor Barak

Tyan Parker Dominguez

Elizabeth Phillips

Michael Rank

Cynthia Rollo-Carlson

Renee Smith-Maddox

Dorian Traube